CODE 3 accelerated response tool

  • 01 / Real time GPS positioning and availability
  • 02 / Seamless integration with your current systems
  • 03 / Reduces radio chatter
  • 04 / Turn-by-turn directions to all your calls, including Mutual Aid

Code 3 is so convenient. It takes you right to a location and you can tell who is coming with equipment and who isn’t.

CODE 3 gets you there faster, safer and more effectively

Manage Assets

See who's available and who's off duty at any time of the day with Asset Inventory

Turn-by-turn to all your calls including Mutual Aid navigation straight from your dispatcher

Integrate with your current systems

Experience seamless integration with your dispatch and CAD system

Send team members text messages directly from the app.

CODE 3 lets you focus on what matters

Reduces Radio Chatter

Benefit from more efficient communication between you and your team members. Responding to the scene, not responding, responding with equipment, or arrived on scene check-ins

Mobile Alerts

Get alerts from Code 3 as soon as an emergency call comes in

Select your availability status responding/ responding with equipment/ not responding.

Capture pertinent details of a call as soon as you respond to an alert.

Get each update that comes along with new information.

CODE 3 lets you focus on what matters

CODE 3 delivers every step of the way

Map Integration

Let your team benefit from the highest quality navigation.

Code 3 accesses a map interface for you providing the best routes and on-the-minute traffic info for quicker response times.

Easy Setup

Code 3 guides you through the entire login process

A subscription allow you an unlimited number of users so your whole team is on board.

We offer a direct help line for those who need assistance.